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Travel Route Philippines

Philippines Island Hopping Trip

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We proudly present our first travel route, which brings us to the marvelous islands of the Philippines!

This blogpost is separated into 3 parts, general Trip Information, the Travel Route for Palawan and the Travel Route for the Visayas and Manila. Enjoy reading and keep in touch for more travel routes on our blog or follow us on facebook, twitter or google+.

Sun, Beach and Island Beauties somewhere in the island world of Palawan, Philippines Sun, Beach and Island Beauties somewhere in the island world of Palawan, Philippines.

I. Part: Travel Information

Here you find the overview of the travel route and the most important facts including ratings in brackets from 1 (horrible) to 5 (awesome) for the described three weeks trip and the Philippines itself.

Trip Summary: Philippines Island Hopping Trip (4/5)

Description: Along the coast to the best beaches and islands of the Philippines
Type: Backpacking Holidays
Date: 15.12.2014 - 7.1.2015
Duration: 23 days
Weather: 3/5 (20 - 30 °C, sunny and hot in Palawan, cloudy and rainy with a small typhoon in the Visayas)
Activities: Beach, Snorkeling, Diving, Nightlife, Sailing, Sightseeing, Nature
Safety: 4/5 (Pay attention in big cities like Manila)
Number of travelers: 2 (Couple)
Required travel skills: Easy
Trip suited for travelers: with kids; as single woman; as group travel; as young traveler;
Total Costs on-site: 1500 - 2000 €
+ Round flight fare: 500 - 1000 €

Cost distribution

Accommodation category: Middle-class (AC, TV, private bath)
Total distance: 2800 km
Main transportation: Flight (1600km), Van (580 km), Boat (300 km), Bus (150 km)
+ Round flight distance: 22000 km

Trip Destination:

Country: Philippines, Southeast Asia
Languages: English, Tagalog
Climate: Tropical, hot and humid climate, influenced by the monsoon
Seasons: Rainy season from June - November with strong rainfall and many typhoons coming from the pacific. Dry season from December - March with less rainfall and an average temperature around 25°C. Generally there is more rainfall on the pacific coast. Hot and dry season from April - June with much sun and temperatures up to 40°C.
Travel period: Best travel time is December - March with the least rainfall and comfortable temperatures between February and March; High season is from December - February, especially between Christmas and New years Eve, during Chinese New Year and Easter, when many hotels in touristic places like Boracay add surcharges of up to 50%.
Visa: Visa-on-arrival for 30 days for EU travelers, extendable to 59 days at the bureau of immigration or at Manila Airport for 55€. Valid passport for 6 month necessary.
Currency conversion: 47 PHP = 1 €
Health Care: No mandatory vaccination, but vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria, polio, and hepatitis A is important, additionally Hepatitis B and typhus and malarone as standby-therapy makes sense; In Palawan there are no hospitals, besides in Puerto Princessa. Bring along your own first-aid kit
Travel warnings: Don’t travel to the unsafe Muslim-dominated southwestern islands and be aware of strong monsoon during the rain season. For further detailed information check travel warnings of your government, for example of the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs and the Philippine Weather Service for weather warnings for the Philippines.


Moritz Hubl

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From: Berlin, Germany
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Round Trip:

Transportation: International flight
Connection: Frankfurt - Beijing - Manila
Airline: Air China (3/5)
Cost for round trip: 655 € + 10 € Terminal Fee
Distance: 11000 km

Inbound Transportation: Frankfurt - Manila (3/5)

15.12.14 / 14:05 - 06:15 +1 Frankfurt International - Beijing (CA 966)
16.12.14 / 18:30 - 23:20 Beijing - Manila Ninoey Aquino (CA 629)
07.01.15 / 06:40 - 11:20 Manila Ninoy Aquino - Beijing (CA 180)
07.01.15 / 13:55 - 17:15 Beijing - Frankfurt International (CA 931)
Duration: 26 hours
Stopover: 12 hours (Beijing, China)
Comment: Cheap flight, but not the best connection and departure time as you fly during the day and arrive in the middle of the night to Beijing. Possibility to get a 72-hour Visa-free transit in Beijing; Visited the city center and the forbidden city. You can get cheap there by train and metro. Alternatively you can visit the Great Wall of China within a half day tour from the airport as well. When travelling in winter make sure you have warm clothes as Beijing can become very cold.
Tip: Taxi trips from the airport can be really expensive, so better count and negotiate twice.
Picture: Blue sky! and freezing cold (-7°C) at the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City in Beijing.


Outbound flight: Manila - Frankfurt (3/5)

07.01.15 / 06:40 - 11:20 Manila Ninoy Aquino - Beijing (CA 180)
07.01.15 / 13:55 - 17:15 Beijing - Frankfurt International (CA 931)
Duration: 17,5 hours
Stopover: 2,5 hours (Beijing, China)
Comment: Also not the best departure time as we had to leave our hotel already at 4 a.m. and the flight time made the jetlag even worse.

In the next part we will present you the travel route for the Philippines island hopping trip.
Click here for the detailed trip description through Palawan, the Visayas and Manila