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Travel Route Philippines: Visayas & Manila

III. Part: Trip Route (Visayas & Manila)

This is the subsequent blog of the Philippines Island Hopping Trip, with the previous part Travel Route for Palawan including the travel route.

Be excited for whale sharks, typhoons and Jeepney rides!

whale shark on the philippines The Philippines is one of the few places, where you can snorkel and dive with these gentle giants of the sea.

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Travel Route Philippines: Palawan

II. Part: Trip Route (Palawan)

Here you find the detailed description of the island hopping travel route through the Philippines, starting in Manila to Puerto Princessa. You can of course do the trip the other way around as well, TAO Philippines operates a few times per week in both directions.

Matiloc shrine Palawan View from the Mantinloc Shrine over El Nido's Bacuit Archipelago.

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Travel Route Philippines

Philippines Island Hopping Trip

Trackfellas presents you the best travel routes worldwide. Until we can offer you a beta version of trackfellas.com, we will feed you with travel routes on our freshly redesigned blog, with all the valuable information for your next trip.

We proudly present our first travel route, which brings us to the marvelous islands of the Philippines!

This blogpost is separated into 3 parts, general Trip Information, the Travel Route for Palawan and the Travel Route for the Visayas and Manila. Enjoy reading and keep in touch for more travel routes on our blog or follow us on facebook, twitter or google+.

Sun, Beach and Island Beauties somewhere in the island world of Palawan, Philippines Sun, Beach and Island Beauties somewhere in the island world of Palawan, Philippines.

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A Trackfella goes Philippines!

As a first entry in this category I want to present you my upcoming travel to the Philippines. I planned the trip taking our last blog about 10 steps to plan your prefect trip into account. Due to the high season during Christmas and New Years Eve in the Philippines I had to book nearly everything in advance.  As a result of the trip planning I want to show you the planned route and my itinerary.

Travel Route

To visualize my travel route I used Google Maps Engine. The tool allows to create and share maps online. Here is a screen shot of the travel route:

Map of Philippines Trip

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How to plan your perfect trip in 10 steps

Sunrise and a good morning

Planning an individual trip abroad is a hassle and you need some experience and lots of information. With trackfellas we want offer travelers a platform for a community-driven exchange of travel experiences and routes to close that gap between printed guidebooks and travel recommendation websites. Starting from inspiration for your next travel over trip planning and booking to route documentation, rating and sharing you will find everything you need for your perfect trip in one place. Until we are ready, here are the best travel tips for planning your individual travels in the old-fashioned way:

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